The new SharePoint eSignature service simplifies the signing experience, ensures security, and seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows in Microsoft 365. 🖋️🔐

What is SharePoint eSignature?

  • SharePoint eSignature is a service that allows users to request electronic signatures on PDF documents directly through SharePoint Online.
  • Signers can easily add their electronic signature to these documents.
  • The entire signing process occurs while keeping your content within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.
  • Once signed, the documents are automatically securely stored back in SharePoint from which the request originated.

Key Features of SharePoint eSignature:

  • Request Signatures: You can request signatures from both internal and external recipients. Customize form fields and messages as needed.
  • Effortless Signing: Signers can add their electronic signature by simply typing their name.
  • Progress Notifications: Stay informed about the signing process through email notifications.
  • Activity History: Verify the integrity of the signing process by viewing the activity history in the PDF.
  • Third-Party Integration: Integration with third-party eSignature services like Adobe or DocuSign.
  • Secure and Compliant: Documents are cryptographically secured, ensuring they remain safe and compliant.

Rollout and Availability:

  • SharePoint eSignature is being rolled out in phases.
  • The US market will receive it first, with additional markets following suit.
  • By Q1 2024, the rollout is expected to be completed in the US, and other regions will receive it throughout the rest of 2024.

Using the Approvals App in Microsoft Teams:

  • To track SharePoint eSignature requests, utilize the Approvals app within Microsoft Teams.
  • This app streamlines the approval process and keeps everything organized.

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